Photography Workshop – The Art & Science of Creative Family Photography

Do you want to use your camera in new and creative ways? Are you tired of the couch family portrait where you line everyone up and yell at them to smile for the camera? Would you be interested in having family members eager to have their picture taken by you?

This weekend course is designed for amateurs and professionals who are looking for a way to think about set-ups for creative family pictures that take you beyond the “Look this way and smile” photos. You’ll receive excellent instruction and come out of this class with new skills to creatively design photos that look the way you want them too. Lance Burns has been teaching and shooting professionally for over 25 years- this is the first workshop he has ever offered to the public

This hands-on workshop will walk you through simple set-ups that you can do with your family and friends to capture flattering and interesting photos. We will design images through understanding the science and art of photography, such as: 

  • camera settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance)
  • creative composition (framing and subframing)
  • subject posing, and
  • lighting

Our work will be instructor led and modeled, with hands-on practice by all participants. Your instructor will provide consistent and supportive feedback as you work in a friendly environment. You will walk out with polished images that will be the beginning of you making photographers instead of just taking photographs.

All of the techniques you will learn can be created by any photographer, regardless of experience. The best part of this is that there is NO photoshop used in any of this work. All images we create will be straight out of camera and ready to print. Look at the images up to the right – images in the style of what we will creating.

Bring your desire to learn, a camera, and tripod (if you have one). This will be a memorable time. Lance will bring the props and all the lights.

Friday, April 26 from 5:00-10:00 pm AND,
Saturday, April 27 from Noon-8:00 pm

What to Expect:

  • 13 hours of classroom instruction.
  • Practical, hands on exercises.
  • Small group size, limited to 14.
  • 10 set-ups with recipe cards to take with you.
  • All lighting gear will be provided, but you need to bring your camera (and maybe a tripod, if you have one).

Hope to see you there. Register here!

For more information please email Lance, or call (780) 906-5277.

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