Registration delay for the 2021 Community Youth Outdoor Soccer Season

Player registration for the coming outdoor season normally takes place during the month of February.

For this year, the ongoing Covid -19 restrictions and their possible impact on the outdoor season have delayed the registration period – it will start on March 15 and run for one month through to April 15.  Soccer registration is an on-line process using the portal located at   We are all anxious to learn what the 2021 Outdoor season will look like given the Covid-19 pandemic and the AHS restrictions and guidelines that will be in place for the late spring and early summer.  As soon as we have further information on that, it will be posted here.  Please check back here before March 15.

For those unfamiliar with Outdoor community youth soccer, the Rio Terrace Community Youth Soccer Program is for players with birth years 2002 through 2017.  Before taking into account the impact of AHS Covid-19 restrictions for the spring and early summer of 2021, this youth Outdoor soccer program would generally consist of the following:

Players born 2014 through 2017 would normally play twice a week at the field north of Rio Terrace School on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 PM to 7PM  during May and June.  Players born in 2010 through 2013 typically play twice during the week during the evening and practice once on the weekend during May and June.  Games are played in the west end of Edmonton on smaller fields with either 7 or 8 players per side on the field at one time.  Players born in 2002 through 2009 play full field soccer with 11 per side on the field.  Generally there are 2 games and one practice per week during May and June, and games are played on a City wide basis, so there is lots of travel required.

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