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Register Now for Outdoor Community Soccer

Registration for the 2021 Outdoor Community soccer season is now underway and remains open until April 15.  Season planning underway anticipates a return to close to a ‘normal’ soccer program this year, but of course that will be dependant upon the AHS Covid restrictions that will be in place during the coming season.    The start date of the season was originally delayed to May 17, but EMSA is considering changing that – again more information will become available later.  The usual May 1 start of the outdoor season remains a possibility – dependant upon Covid restrictions and field conditions.  We expect that the season will continue play into mid too late July.  If AHS Covid restrictions do not allow actual soccer games to take place, the soccer program will move to become practice based.  Please check back often to this website as well as the EMSAWest website for updates on start date and program format.

The 2021 Rio Terrace Community Outdoor soccer program is for players born in years from 2002 through 2017.  Subject to Covid restrictions, players born in 2002 through 2013 will play on teams participating in the EMSA /EMSA West community soccer programs.  These teams will play twice a week and generally have one practice a week as well.  Teams in the U9 age group will play their games only in the west end of Edmonton (with possibly a few games in Spruce Grove.)  Teams playing the older age groups of U11 through U19 will have their games played across Edmonton.   Player registration and payment should be completed by April 15 – late registrants may find themselves unable to be placed on the team or community that they have requested. 

Players born in years 2014 through 2017 will participate in the Rio Terrace in-house Fun Soccer programs.  Each of the combined U4/U5 and the U7 FunSoccer programs feature a focus on fun activities, drills and short games that promote fun and active learning and player skill development.  Each of these twice a week programs take place at the Rio Terrace School field on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM.  Lots of parental support and involvement are required from these age groups, so please consider whether you are able to volunteer and participate in the soccer program.  Subject to space availability, registrations for Rio Terrace FunSoccer programs will continue to be accepted after April 15, but do please register as soon as you are able to do so.  Those registering after April 15 should also send an email to informing the soccer director of the late registration.

Age Group / Year of Birth, Night of Play and Registration Fee Details 

Age GroupBirth YearsNight of PlayRegistration Fee 
U4 / U52016 2017Mon & Wed$100 
U72014 2015Mon & Wed$125 
U92012 2013Tues & Thurs$190 
U112010 2011Mon & Wed$210 
U132008 2009Tues & Thurs$250 
U152006 2007Mon & Wed$250 
U172004 2005Sun & Thurs$250 
U192002 2003Sun & Tues$250 

How to Register
Player registration for all age groups of community soccer takes place on-line using the soccer portal on the EMSA WEST soccer website –
Registration steps that need to be completed are:
First step is to obtain / have a valid Community league membership.  Current membership are numbered 20-XXXXX and are valid through Aug 31, 2021.  A membership from any community in Edmonton is valid for soccer registration.  Those needing to purchase Community membership can do so on-line at the EFCL website or they can be purchased in-person on the Rio Terrace K-Mart (formerly Mac’s) store at 156 St & 76 Ave. 

Second step is to use the EMSA West soccer portal to register players individually for the coming outdoor season.  Once a family account must be created or accessed (if previously created), individual player registrations can be made. Please be sure to complete all of the registration steps, indicate that the player wishes to play on a Rio Terrace team (or other if that is the case) and please consider and indicate if you are able to volunteer as a coach or manager for your child’s team.

Payment for Player Registration and Proof of Age Support 
Third step in the registration process is to complete payment of the registration fees. The player registration fees can be paid either on-line at the same time as player registration is completed (if done by April 15), or can be paid directly to the Rio Terrace Community League.  Please note that we are not charging a jersey deposit fee for this season.

Any direct to Rio Terrace payment of registration fees can be completed by cash, cheque or credit card.
Any cheques are to be made payable to Rio Terrace Community League. If you wish to pay to Rio Terrace directly, please contact the soccer coordinator at

Please note that player Proof of age is required for all players not previously registered in the Rio Terrace Soccer program.  Alberta Health Care cards are the usual proof of age provided, but other government issue ID is also accepted as long as player name and birth date are included in the ID.  Given the Covid restrictions, providing Proof of Age will likely require providing the soccer coordinator with a digital copy.

As we are all aware, one of the many impacts of Covid has been the financial health of the organizations supporting community youth soccer.  Accordingly, refund policies for soccer have been amended and take into account that much work and expenses are incurred independent of the number of games or weeks of practice that actually take place.  We strive to provide the best value to the participants, but we caution parents to understand that if a significant portion of the planned season is not able to be played, partial refunds will reflect some retention to cover some of the expenses incurred in the organizing.  Please review the Refund Policy on the EMSAWest website.    

If you have any questions or issues concerning the outdoor program or the registration and payment process, please contact the soccer coordinator.

Looking forward to return to nearly normal soccer for the outdoor season.

Stay safe and stay well.

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