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We offer classes in your local area at Rio Terrace Park, on Thursday mornings. Classes are beginning the week of May 25th, with a whole FREE week of classes, followed by great promos straight through until the end of June. In case you can’t make it to any of the FREE classes, your first Hot Mama class is always FREE, therefore, you’ve got nothing to lose.

At Hot Mama Health & Fitness, we believe that ‘busy mom’ and ‘hot mama’ really can be the same thing. Our core focus is providing a fun, family-friendly environment where busy Mamas can focus on fitness without having to worry about childcare. You can bring your kids along with you while you workout… cool, huh ? Wait, there’s more, you are becoming part of an amazing community of supportive & like -minded Mamas. The Hot Mama community literally changed my life last fall.

Hot Mama Health & Fitness was founded to promote family fitness. With obesity on the rise in Canada, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the fitness of your family. We understand that most families wish to promote the health & fitness of their family, but that life often gets in the way. To be a great role model for your kids is important, “monkey see, monkey do” is a true statement. Children these days NEED parents that are going to engage them in an active, healthy lifestyle. They are always welcome to come to any class, no matter what the age, which leaves you with no excuses to not get your butt to class. Please don’t be nervous. The Hot Mama community is a safe place for Mamas just like you who are reading this wondering if its something for them. Come join in the fun & sweat it out with us. I promise you, you will not regret it.

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