President’s Message

Hi all! You may have noticed that we didn’t have a hard copy newsletter last time… that was due to unexpected scope creep during our hall repair and renovation. We did offer a digital newsletter, but we recognize that it isn’t the same. Aaaaaaand… NOW WE’RE BACK!!! Thanks to the City of Edmonton for topping up our infrastructure grant and keeping us going! Also, a big thank you to our grant writer extraordinaire. Without whom we would not have been able to do any of these improvements and keep the lights on.

With this top up, we can now have our annual Breakfast with Santa event and have an (albeit scaled back) ice rink in operation this winter season. Keep your eyes open for communications about our winter events! Sign up for email updates at under the “Subscribe” tab. At most, I send out 1 email a week during times which are event heavy. But usually once a month is the frequency of communications sent.

With that being said, our grant top up really only allows us to stay in operation with minimal programming and we have a long need/wishlist to keep us at FULL operation. As such, we could really use the help of our awesome league members. All donations are tax deductible!!!

For example, it costs $200 per day to run the ice rink. We do not have the funds to run a full season (but are planning a scaled back version). Are you able and interested in donating to extend the season? Or perhaps you noticed that we need a sign for the hall? Because we do! Is that something you would be interested in sponsoring? Perhaps your business would be? Improvements to the interior, repaving the parking lot, all things kitchen, etc.  The list is long!!! AND I repeat… all donations are tax deductible!!! See page 25 of the newsletter for information on how to invest. Did I mention that all donations are tax deductible?

On a brighter note, we had the pleasure of having several new board members join us last month. Please help me in saying a big welcome to these lovely humans!!! WELCOME!!! Also, a big thank you to everyone who came to the annual general meeting, which we hosted in September. Thank you for caring about our neighborhood and being invested in its future.

We hope that this message finds you well.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay kind.

All the best,
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