RTC Preschool

Highlights of The Preschool Program

Our enchanting preschool radiates warmth and vibrancy, providing a visually stunning environment that captivates young minds. The dedicated and engaging teachers create an atmosphere of curiosity and joy, fostering a love for learning. The implementation of the FLIGHT curriculum adds an extra dimension, ensuring that our Mighty Learners not only receive a comprehensive education but also embark on an imaginative journey filled with creativity and exploration.

The RTCP program boasts:

  • Two full-time, experienced teachers 👩‍🏫

  • Large outdoor playground 🛝

  • Full-sized gym for daily gross motor activity ⚽

  • Exploratory learning using the FLIGHT framework 🔍

  • Natural learning through play and direct teaching 🐝

  • Bright and sunny classroom, filled with natural light ☀️

Come in and discover an amazing, supportive environment for your child to learn and grow! Spaces available!

Visit the Rio Terrace Preschool

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