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Pedalheads Summer Camps

August 2, 2016 @ 9:00 am - August 5, 2016 @ 4:00 pm

Pedalheads Full Day Camps   9am-4pm
June 27-30 (4 day week)
July 4-8
July 11-15
July 18-22
July 25-29
Aug 2-5 (4 day week)
Aug 8-12
Aug 15-19
Aug 22-26
Aug 29-Sept 2
Best Places to Park
  • Parking is available in the parking lot on the West side of the community league as well as along 76th avenue between 156th and 155th street.

NOTE – Please be aware not to block the driveways of people along 76th Avenue.

Our Meeting Spot

The orange and blue Pedalheads tent which will be on the South East side of the community hall, easily seen from 76th avenue.

Surface Types
  • Grass
  • Concrete

Call 1-888-886-6464 to register.

Summer Camp Times and Costs



Price/ Week

Half Day Camp 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM OR
1:00-3:30 PM
$179.00 + GST
All Day Camp 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM $339.00 + GST
Trikes ‘N’ Trainers 9:45 – 10:45 AM $99.00 + GST
Riding Rookies 10:00 – 10:45 AM $79.00 + GST
Private Lesson 3:40 – 4:40 PM $209.00 + GST



Price/ Week

Before Care 8:00 – 9:00 AM $30 + GST
After Care 4:00 – 5:00 PM $30 + GST

Pedalheads® FAQs

We would like to hear from you! Have a question that’s not on this list? Rather speak to someone than read our prose? Just contact us directly.

1. What do I need to bring?

At Pedalheads® , we like to see is that your child is in clothing that is comfortable for them and allows for freedom of movement. Don’t forget to bring a helmet — we’re pretty strict about that! Your little cyclist does not require knee or elbow pads, chest protectors or body armour. They certainly can if they want to, but it is not necessary. In fact, we often find that, for the younger kids,it can be cumbersome and get in their way. For kids in the upper levels or FLOW Camps who are ready for more challenging rides, this kind of equipment makes more sense. Bike Camp Essentials are: • A bicycle and helmet • Water bottle and snack (in consideration of others, please no nuts) • Rain gear or suncreen (weather dependant) • Back pack to put it all in In addition, for All Day Camp: • Lunch and extra snack (no nuts, please) • Change of clothes

2. Why register for bike camp?

Atlantis Pedalheads® Program has been very fortunate to have an incredible success rate. Even kids who have had trouble learning to ride, often go home after the first day at Pedalheads® , proud to show parents their new riding achievements. We believe that our success comes from over 20 years of experience working with children, safe fun and supportive environments, and an opportunity to learn within a peer group. In addition to teaching kids how to ride, bike safety, street safety, trail competency and bike maintenance, we instill in kids a positive attitude about biking for a lifetime. Cycling is fun, a great form of exercise and an excellent means of transportation. Our instructors are positive role models and kids tend to respect their opinions on bike safety, acceptable risk-taking, goal-setting and challenging themselves.

3. My child is 3, can I still register?

Our new Trikes ‘N’ Trainers program is designed specifically for your three-year-old (for children turning three by the end of the calendar year)! We’ve had many people ask us to provide something suitable for their younger ones. With that in mind, we’ve worked out a specific program for kids under four. Whether they’re up and riding on their own or not, the Trikes ‘N Trainers environment takes into consideration common developmental stages so everybody gets to participate.

4. What if I put my child in the wrong level?

Please see the levels table to be fairly accurate in assessing your child’s level. However, feel free at any time to revise this level, if you and your instructor think it is required. Regardless, we always evaluate the kids abilities on the first day of class and try to re-assign the groups until we find suitable classes for everyone. We will not leave a child in a group that is not challenging enough or too difficult for them.

5. Will my child be able to ride in one week?

As you know, every child is unique. Some children learn to ride the first day, some take a little longer. Most children are able to pedal and steer comfortably after one week but their starting and stopping is often wobbly. We recommend Advanced Newbees (level 2) for a second week to make them completely competent in the starting and stopping. If a child has unusual fears, or is very young, it may take longer to learn.

6. Should we take the training wheels off?

You can, but we usually do it when they are ready. This way, we can see that the kids can pedal, steer and brake comfortably and effectively with the training wheels on before we take them off. In some cases, we’ll leave the training wheels on a little longer until we feel the child is ready to be without them. If you’ve already taken the wheels off and are practicing without them, try not to put them back on!

7. What happens when it rains?

For the most part, rain is a normal part of riding a bike, so we just carry on business as usual. Please dress your child in raingear, including gloves and boots, and send along an extra set of clothes in a plastic bag. Levels 4-8 will head for the woods or the beach to ride under some cover. For Levels 1 – 3, however, we have limited undercover riding areas at most of our locations. If it’s really torrential, we also have large inside activity rooms to play games, practice off the bike skills and do safety-oriented arts and crafts.

8. What happens when it is incredibly hot and humid in Ontario?

In hot temperatures we take regular water breaks (every 10mins or so), to ensure all children are keeping well hydrated. When children are not practising on their bikes they will be in the shade, learning more about bike safety and playing games. If the temperature reaches a significant level that a weather advisory warning is issued, and it is unsafe for the children to be taking part in physical activity outside then we will move inside to do bike related arts & crafts, group games etc., designed to continue improving the safety knowledge and awareness of the children.

9. Where do I buy a bike? How do I know if it’s the right size?

Your child’s bike should be solid, well maintained and not too big. Buying a bike your child will “grow into” is not a great idea when they are first learning to ride because it will be harder to learn on and decrease confidence. The child’s feet should be flat on the ground when sitting in the saddle (for beginners.) There should be at least 3 cm between the child’s crotch and the upper crossbar when straddling the bike. And, for younger kids, footbrakes are easier to use than handbrakes. If you buy a bike from a local shop they will assemble it for you and be available if you have any problems with the bike.

10. Are bike helmets required by law?

Arguably, your child’s most vital attribute is their head. And, yes, because of this, it’s the one part of the body that is required by law to be protected! In British Columbia wearing your helmet when you ride your bike is the law. In Alberta and Ontario, cyclists under 18 are required by law to wear a helmet. Helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by 85%. Too often, however, we find that kids helmets are not the right size or aren’t fitted properly. The helmet should be CSA, Snell, ANSI or ASTM approved (no hockey or football helmets.) The helmet should fit snugly, touching on all sides of the head, with the peak of the helmet just above the eyebrows. Adjust the straps so there is only space to fit a finger or two between the strap and chin. We are now offering Louis Garneau junior helmets that are excellent quality and look cool so the kids will want to wear them.

11. Can we enroll special needs kids?

We welcome all children into our programs and have taught autistic, ADD, visually impaired, hearing impaired kids as well as children with many other challenges how to ride. We are excited to help each master new skills. Having said that, as all sports entail learning new and complex motor skills and camps in particular are loud and distracting as well as a new social situation, it can be challenging for anyone. To get the best benefit out of the camp, and so all individuals in the class receive equal attention, if your child needs extra attention, we recommend bringing an aid.

12. Can my child register with a friend?

Of course! Just put a note in the “special requests” section of the registration form. If they are registered during the same week and time of day, it should be no problem. We’ve handled all sorts of different special requests, go ahead and ask us if you can have a specific instructor, a class for special needs kids, or whatever you want and, while not guaranteed, we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

13. What if I have medical concerns?

Your child’s health and safety is of paramount importance to us. Please let us know if you or your child have any medical concerns at all. Small or large, significant or possibly irrelevant, we want to know. It’s always best to have more knowledge of each individuals history. We also ask for an emergency phone number, in the off-chance that we need to contact you. PLEASE NOTE, due to the number of people with allergies, Atlantis maintains a nut-free environment. We apologize for any inconvenience but are sure you understand that the snack you pack for your child should not contain any nuts.

14. What Should I Expect on the First Day?

The first day of camp can seem hectic, as many people converge on one location and try to get their children situated as quickly as possible. We ask that you please drive very carefully around Pedalheads® sites, to ensure everyone’s safety. To help alleviate some of the congestion, we’ve organized a traffic flow pattern that goes like this: 1) Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and asked for your child(ren)’s name(s). The greeters will make sure that your kids are on the list, check them in and direct you to the instructor lists. They can also offer you additional handouts regarding level information, staff bios and contact numbers. 2) Easels on location have lists posted with children and their assigned instructors. Find your child’s name (posted alphabetically by last initial) to locate their instructor and identifying street sign. Look for the street sign on the site or sitemap and go introduce yourself and your child.On subsequent days and at pick-up times, you can go directly to your instructor’s sign. Checking in and out directly with your instructor every day is an excellent way to follow your childs progress. 3) Often, particularly on the first day, we move kids into different classes that better suit their abilities. This refinement process ensures that all kids get the most benefit out of the camp as possible. If this happens to your child, it will change the instructor that you should check in and out with. 4) We want everyone at Pedalheads® to be a happy camper! If you ever have a question or concern regarding your child’s camp, please speak to one of the onsite Supervisors. Supervisors manage the location and instructors and are there to address your needs, so voice your opinions to them as soon as possible so they can do their job efficiently.


    August 2, 2016 @ 9:00 am
    August 5, 2016 @ 4:00 pm


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