Grown Near Home

Want to give 10% back to your community while feeding your family naturally grown produce?

Grown Near Home Delivery Schedule  |  Grown Near Home Information Sheet

We are a group of local farmers who are “bringing the Farmer’s Market to you”.

Remember the taste of fresh garden carrots, tomatoes and new potatoes? Well, this summer that taste can be yours. You will receive fresh, seasonal, weekly produce, hand picked and brought to a convenient location near you and in return you help support local small family farms and your community.

We are passionate about healthy food and looking for local organizers as individuals or groups to help spread the word, in return, 10% of all sales sold to your community league members will be given back to the Rio Terrace Community League.

It is a perfect solution for everyone. The farmers need to plan the garden for your family and we ask that you place your order by May 15.

We offer local, healthy, fresh, naturally grown produce that is grown on our farms with heirloom and heritage seeds. There is no middle man, and we deliver from our farm to you.

We provide the seasonal variety you expect and the taste you remember.

Would you consider spreading the word, being a drop off location for some or all of the season’s deliveries, have questions?

Grown Near Home Delivery Schedule  |  Grown Near Home Information Sheet

Call Lana at 780-953-9725

Order forms can be dropped off at 16207-78 Ave or the hall mailbox.


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