Your Community League Bylaws

Dear Neighbours,

As you may have seen in the May newsletter, the Community League board has taken on the task of updating our Community League bylaws as they were last updated in 2005 and are due for a review!

We have posted the draft version on the website for everyone to have access to. We would like to get as much feedback from the community as possible as the bylaws are all about defining how your Community League operates.

Please sent any questions or comments you may have on the bylaws, good, bad, or otherwise, to by June 21st.

The Board will review all of your comments at our June meeting, make any amendments necessary, and we will post the final version on our website in July.

On August 2nd, we will hold a Special General Meeting at the Community League Hall from 7-830 pm to vote on the new bylaws. At this meeting, we will present the feedback we got from the community, explain all amendments that have been made, and answer any questions you have. At the end of the meeting, we will hold a vote to adopt the new bylaws.

Again, please send all questions and comments to by June 21st.

We look forward to all of your input, and to seeing you at the meeting on August 2nd!

Thank you kindly,

Josh Bowen
Rio Terrace Community League

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